Dear Delegates and Faculty Advisors,

It is my pleasure and honor to invite you to Birla Vidya Niketan Model United Nations 2021. For the past 8 years, this conference has brought high school students together from around the globe to participate in a world-class forum of critical discourse on pressing global issues and engage with India’s diplomatic values under the likes of Nirupama Rao and Shashi Tharoor. With new exciting committees and fully dedicated and eager staff, we are prepared to emerge from the fire to hold onto the bricks of this conference. Last year even though the pandemic we emerged triumphantly. The secretariat and organizing team came together under the limitations of it.

BMUN has continued its tradition of excellence in education and experience extends far beyond its committee sessions. I guarantee to uphold its high standard of invigorating debate and enriching conversation. I have been personally committed to the values of diplomacy, rigorous debate, and learning about different cultures and I resonate that with our theme of this year. While the restrictions have made things like effective collaboration and socialization difficult, it has become apparent that everybody is incredibly motivated and committed to making it work.

I could not wish for a more competent team to work with. The Secretariat is working diligently to bring to life riveting committees, plan dynamic delegate events, and improve the conference from years past. This year, I am excited to expand the conference initiatives to offer an enhanced experience to the delegates through increased staffer participation and greater technological involvement. The entire Secretariat and I could not be more excited to host you and cannot wait to welcome you to the next chapter of a conference defined by tradition and excellence!

Yours sincerely,

Addnaan Ali


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